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40 doctors, lawyers, marketing executives, and other experts will show you how the untapped potential of AI can help grow, scale, and optimize your private practice.

Do you want to increase profits, decrease employee turnover, and scale to new levels, all while working fewer hours and avoiding physician burnout? Join us at the Physician Practice Automation Summit to learn new and innovative ways to incorporate AI and automation into your daily operations.
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Your Practice Needs Automation

If your practice isn’t using automation and AI – you’re lagging behind. 

You can’t afford to leave money on the table or miss out on passive income revenue streams. 

You can’t afford to spend thousands of hours training new employees and still be unsure if they have the information they need to succeed. 

You can’t afford to ignore social media, avoid potential liability, or use outdated billing and management software.

The Full Story...

Managing a Physician Practice is HARD

Running a private medical practice involves so much more than medicine. 

To succeed, you need robust billing systems, a cohesive company culture, tried-and-true hiring and training practices, and effective ways to manage physician burnout. And that’s to say nothing of finding time to manage the day-to-day operations between seeing patients.

How can you make it all work seamlessly? With a little help from AI and automation.

At the Physician Practice Automation Summit…….

You'll learn how the most successful doctors incorporate artificial intelligence and smart systems into their business model to scale and grow.

Discover innovative ways to cut costs, save time, boost productivity, reduce employee turnover, generate more revenue, improve communication, and more.

This week-long free event will help you create a practice you love (and one you can walk away from whenever you wish). And it’s all yours with your FREE Ticket to Physician Practice Automation Summit

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Leverage Your Practice Into Multiple Revenue Streams

This free guide from Dr. Sandra Wietz gives you the strategies you need to grow multiple revenue streams without working more hours.

5 Critical Tools for Physician Leaders

This free guide from Brent Lacey will give you the tools you need to build a thriving organization from the ground up. You’ll discover how to grow your leadership skills, craft a mission statement, enhance the quality of your clinical practice, develop a basic marketing campaign, and celebrate your team members.

How to Get 5-star Reviews and Raving Patient Fans!

This mini-course comes directly from the summit host, Dr. Cheng Ruan. You’ll get his exact strategy to turn patient testimonials on auto-pilot. 

Florida Telemedicine License Registration Guide

Florida passed a statute in 2019 allowing out-of-state medical providers to legally provide telemedicine services to Florida residents.

In this Do-it-yourself guide, you will learn how easy it is to obtain your telemedicine license in Florida in less than a week, so that you can expand your practice reach to 22 million more patients.


(Florida does not charge a fee for this license.)

Trainual 10% FIRST YEAR Discount

Get a 10% First Year Discount with Trainual.

Building your business playbook takes time. But it takes less time when you start by customizing Trainual’s library of employee policy and SOP templates.

The Private Medical Practice Academy Membership Discount

Get a discount when you enroll for The Private Medical Practice Academy Membership that will give you all the tools you need for your private medical practice.


Complimentary Behavioral Assessment + Coaching Session

Take a 6-minute behavioral assessment to get a deeper understanding of your strengths and blind spots. Grow as a leader, hire better, and inspire high-performing teams beginning with a simple understanding of who you are at work. This assessment identifies core behavioral drives that provide a clear picture of how you work and how you can collaborate best with others.

Receive reports and a 30-minute coaching session with a talent optimization expert at Chief Gigs.

The Doctor’s Guide to Health Coaching

Short guide for doctors that outlines exactly what coaches do and how to incorporate them into a medical practice.

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Meet our Trusted Speakers

All Summit speakers are personally interviewed by Dr. Cheng Ruan.


Dr. Halee S. Fischer-Wright, MD, MMM, FAAP

President and CEO at MGMA

Where Medicine Needs to Go In The Pandemic Era

How practice management and culture can reduce burnout.

Successful models of healthcare systems can be implemented in private practice.

How to adapt to the changing tides in healthcare by private practice things back to balance.

Thomas McCarthy

CEO And Founder At Thomas McCarthy & Associates World's #1 High Stakes Coach Forbes School Of Business

Create the Perfect Winning Culture In Your Business

Why the largest companies in the world need culture training.

Simple tactics to improve your company culture in private practice.

How to motivate your team with an perpetualy winning strategy.

Dr. Brent Lacey, M.D.

Host of Scope Of Practice Podcast

From Just A Doctor To An Impactful Leader Is Key To Scaling Your Practice: Overcoming Burnout

Why employee turnover is the biggest hidden cost and how to prevent it.

How to create impact for your staff and step up you leadership game.

Why burnout is the perfect opportunity to fail forward.

Dr. Hammad Qureshi, M.D.

Family Physician

Startup Private Practice is Hard, but it doesn't have to be

How to find five to six figures worth of free money to start your practice. How to avoid the most common mistakes in private practice. When do you know enough is enough in your current practice.

Wendy Fong

Founder & Principal at Chief Gigs

Achieving Stellar performance by aligning employees with goals.

Why most physician partners have conflicts.

How to use emotional intelligence to lead your team.

What are the keys to leading with grace.

Dr. Brent Lacey, M.D.

[Talk Title]

Talk Breakdown


Dr. Daniel Amen, M.D.

12x NY Times Best Selling Author Owner Of Amen Clinics

Brain Types and How to Overcome Mental Challenges

Celebrity Psychiatrist Break Down Brain Types and How to Overcome Mental Challenges

Dr. Brent Lacey, M.D.

Host of Scope Of Practice Podcast

Simple Tactics to Balance Work, Marriage, Money, and Relationships

Why doctors are unique when it comes to marriage.

Hack your relationships with simple yet effective tips.

Why money and budgeting can melt away burnout.

Dr. Radha Tamerisa, M.D.

Founder Of Zazen Medical

How To "Do Your Own Thing" in Private Practice

How to be unapologetically you.

When to know enough is enough in your career.

Creativity is a great outlet for burnout.

Dr. Adam Perlman

Director of Integrative Health and Wellbeing at Mayo Clinic.

Resiliency is A Neccessary Mindset To Battle Burnout

Burn out can be battled with self reflection.

Why personal development is crucial to restore balance.

Mayo Clinic’s coaching team allow doctors and patients to collaborate on health goals.

Dr. Moain Abu Dabrh

Associate Consultant & Research Director of Integrative Medicine & Health at the Division of General Internal Medicine at Mayo Clinic

How Mayo Clinic Gets A Handle On Burnout Proof Medicine

Why the solution to burnout is to focus on patients lives and not diseases.

What are the pillars of a medical system that can survive in all pandemics?

How health coaches can be the missing link to create value based care effectively.

Dr. Brent Lacey, M.D.

[Talk Title]

Talk Breakdown


Dr. Justin Saliman, M.D.

Founder and CEO of OutcomeMD

Why Outcome Tracking Shifts Power Back To Doctors

Why Outcome Tracking is the solution to bring the power back to the doctor.

Get rewarded for what you already do best.

Hidden marketing strategies that naturally happen when adopting outcome tracking.

Paul Huffman

VP Of Sale and Business Development At MD Revolution

Leveraging Chronic Care Systems to Deliver Unbelievable Outcomes

Remote Monitoring as A scalable Revenue generator.

What NOT to do when working with vendors.

Why so many remote monitoring companies flop.

Michael Hsu

Co-founder and COO of Curogram

Simple Automation Through Texting Creates Massive Impact On Private Practice Growth.

How to adopt simple process that your staff and patients will love you for.

Why telemedicine should be simple.

How to automate your practice through this secure texting platform.

Dr. Alex Keller, ND, CISSN

Medical Director at Fullscript

Rethinking the Era of Prescribing Supplements

Rethinking the era of prescribing with Fullscripts

Chris Ronzio

Founder and CEO of Trainual

The Secret to Easy Scaling is to Update Your Process Engine

Creating Systems To Leverage Consistancy to Foolproof staff training and turnaround.

Erica Lloyd

Why the W.H.O. Use Real Digital Humans And How You Can Start As Well

Talk Breakdown


Margaret Moore, MBA

Author & Health Coaching Leader

Untapped Potential of Health Coach Insurance Reimbursement

How to access the Untapped Potential of Health Coaches in the United States.

How did health coaches claim it’s own taxonomy in the United States in 2021?

How to utilize health coaching to grow your bottom line.

Sandra Scheinbaum, Ph.D.

CEO of Functional Medicine Coaching Academy

The New Era of Modern Medicine includes Health Coaches

How Health Coaches Integrate With Private Practices

How are health coaches trained

What’s it like to be in a practice with health coaches

Tom Blue

CEO of the Institute for Functional Medicine

Key considerations for building a successful practice in the COVID Era.

COVID-19 Era Medicine and fundamentals of shifting your perspective.

Why some practices fail and some practices scale during the pandemic, no matter the practice model.

How can doctors be reimbursed for the time they are already spending.

James Maskell

Author Of The Community Cure

How health coaching can be delivered easily to patients.

How to seemlessly add and scale health coaches to your practice.

How to create value to your patients through group coaching sessions.

How to funnel patients back into your practice by guiding them to take control of their own health.

TJ Anderson

Author And Business Dev For Headsup

how remote monitoring technology will transform the way doctors practice medicine.

How to use the latest devices your patients already own to track clinical data.

When should remote monitoring be applied in clinical practice.

How to scale healthcare into the modern era with integrated tracking.

Dr. James Fricton, DDS, MS,

Pact For Pain Program Professor At The University Of Minnesota

Answer to Opioid Epidemic is a imPACTful Pain Coaching Business

Most chronic pain has a medical component that can be addressed without medicine.

How health coaching through pain is an evidence based tactic to solve the opioid chrisis.

How Minnesota clinics and adapting a value add platform for pain.

TJ Anderson

[Talk Title]

Talk Breakdown

Tawny Jones-Mack

Chief Administrator at Cleveland Clinic Functional Med

Cleveland Clinic Leads The Way In Integrative Medicine

Why functional medicine was incorporated into the Cleveland Clinic system.

How shared medical appointments (group visits) can create a scalable business model in private practice.

What are the elements in an integrative medicine model that makes it successful in insurance billing model.

TJ Anderson

[Talk Title]

Talk Breakdown


Dr. Brent Lacey, M.D.

Host of Scope Of Practice Podcast

From Just A Doctor To An Impactful Leader Is Key To Scaling Your Practice: Epic Team Building Strategies

How to avoid the most costly mistakes in people management in your practice.

How to develop a strong culture through actions.

Why physicians need to be the driving force for the practice to scale.

Amanda Desuacido

CEO of My Mountain Mover

how virtual assistants accelerate the Evolution of medicine

Why a remote workforce can relieve the largest financial burden to your practice.

How to find the best virtual assistants to grow your business.

How to train overseas staff effectively without interruptions to your workflow.

Leanne Mauriello, PhD

Director of Lifestyle and Culinary Medicine at Spectrum Health

First Steps To Create A New Health System Through Leadership

How a fire-starting (literally and figuratively) culinary medicine service is redefining the patient-clinician relationship.

Why culinary curriculums can exist in any community in the country.

What is a virtual kitchen shared medical visit?

JW Oliver Jr.

Managing Partner at Zimworks (Global BP Solutions)

Zimbabwe, an untapped pool of highly educated medical staff to address the rising cost of private practice.

Zimbabwe, an untapped potential to address the rising cost of private practice.

Dr. Elizabeth Bradley, MD

How Cleveland Clinic Changed the Doctor Patient Relationship Paradigm

Talk Breakdown

TJ Anderson

[Talk Title]

Talk Breakdown


Dr. Sandra Weitz, M.D.

Business Of Medicine Coach

Fundamentals of scaling medical practices and retiring gracefully

How to effectively turn a profit in private practice.

How to uncover hidden soft spots that is stealing your revenue.

What are the best methods to adopt right now to scale your practice.

Omar Khateeb

Marketing And Business Development Gentem Health

How Intelligent Math, Marketing, and Mentality Can Set You Free To Scale Your Practice

Best ways for doctors to market themselves is to be authentic.

Fear of social media will leave doctors behind.

Scaling a practice starts with stellar online presence.

Dr. Fisayo Ositelu, M.D.

Founder and CEO of Gentem Health

How AI is Solving The Most Painful Financial Leaks In Private Practice

How to use the numbers you already have as a template for growth.

AI may be a solution to access previously unaccessible data to scale private practices.

Why the revenue cycle management is an outdated term and process with lots of pain points.

Dr. Randy Cook

Executive Physician Coach at MD Coaches LLC

Physician Executive Coaching for Doctors In Leadership Positions

Why Physician leaders need executive coaches.

Millenial Doc VS Baby Boomer Doc mentality.

Why doctor leaders struggle in navigating leadership positions.

Rahul Vohra​

Founder & CEO of Superhuman and Angel Investor

How Transforming Your Email Inbox Can Save You Hours and Brain Cells Per Day

Why a game-like email platform is the key to productivity commercial.

Why the most productive people have the most discipline.

Why creating more time is less effective at creating more structure.

TJ Anderson

[Talk Title]

Talk Breakdown


Tom McGuinness, CPA

Shareholder at Reimer, McGuinness & Associates, PC

Biggest Financial Mistakes That Is Keeping Your From The Money You Deserve

Top mistakes most practices make when it comes to finding money they didn’t know was lost.

Why financial management is crucial in a practice of any size.

How Tom McGuiness teaches students at University of Texas Medical School to approach private practice growth and scaling.

Tyler McBroom, CPA, MBA

MMC CPAS, Global Accounting Advisors: A Joint Venture with Tony Robbins

The Million Follower CPA: Where to Start Behaving Like A CFO

Why CPAs have more roles every practice owner must tap into.

Even employeed physicians need CPA savings strategies.

Practice owners require CFO type consultations and can pay for it part time since they usually don’t need a full time CFO.

Guy Kezirian, MD, MBA

Chairman Of Physician CEO

Physician CEO Bootcamp

How to look through the lens of an MBA as a physician.

Do doctors really need an MBA to grow, scale, or exit their business?

The business models for physician practices corporations don’t want you to know.

Dr. Zwade Marshall, MD, MBA

Co-Founder at Doc2Doc Lending, Inc.

Personal Finances Made Transparent

Why the anti-bank philosphy may be the solution to borrowing for personal finances.

How simple tactics can build credit as a young doctor.

When is the right time to think about a loan.

Scott Ratigan

Founder of Functional Lawyer and Co-founder of Origins Incubator

Lessons from a High Risk Lawyer

Your website and social may be in jeopardy of litigation.

Most common false assumptions in telemedicine legality that you don’t want to miss.

Why lawyers are unncessarily expensive.

Pras Murthy

CFO of Doctor Multimedia

How to not get scammed by marketing companies

How to build a multi-generational digital legacy with smart marketing.

When should you answer to 1 star reviews.

Why most doctors get scammed by marketers and how to avoid it.

Dr. Zwade Marshall, MD, MBA

Co-Founder at Doc2Doc Lending, Inc.

Personal Finances Made Transparent

Why the anti-bank philosphy may be the solution to borrowing for personal finances. How simple tactics can build credit as a young doctor. When is the right time to think about a loan.

Jonathan Appino

Founder Of Contract Diagnostics

What You Don't Know About Physician Contracts Can Break You

What are the most common mistakes when it comes to contracts.

What is the anatomy of a contract and why you must know.

How to advocate for yourself on both sides of the contract negotiation process.

Scott Ratigan

Founder of Functional Lawyer and Co-founder of Origins Incubator

Lessons from a High Risk Lawyer

Your website and social may be in jeopardy of litigation. Most common false assumptions in telemedicine legality that you don’t want to miss. Why lawyers are unncessarily expensive.

Meet your Host, Cheng Ruan, M.D.

Dr. Ruan is the Founder and CEO of the Texas Center for Lifestyle Medicine. He has devoted his career to practicing and building efficient client systems. He is a board-certified internal medicine physician who makes time to advise companies on ways to improve their workflow, company culture, marketing strategy, and operations.

Dr. Ruan has over 600,000 social media followers across his platforms and is a vocal advocate for improving doctor-patient relationships. Furthermore, he is part of a collaborative medicine coalition involving notable university healthcare systems such as Harvard, USC, and the Cleveland Clinic. He is also a clinical facilitator for the University of Texas at Arlington Nursing School.

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At the 2021 Physician Practice Automation Summit,
you’ll learn how to:

Make more money: From creating new profit centers and reducing costs to saving time and administrative tasks - AI and automation can dramatically boost your bottom line.

Streamline your billing process: Never again lose hours chasing an invoice. Innovative billing systems can automate the invoicing process and recoup thousands of dollars in otherwise lost income.

Incorporate smart hiring and training practices:Reduce inefficiency in your hiring and onboarding practices with programs that make sure your whole team has the same information—no more gaps in employee knowledge.

Protect yourself from litigation:Find the liabilities in your telemedicine systems, social media strategy, contracts, billing systems, and more to avoid litigation and protect your assets.

Scale and grow with outsourcing: Learn how outsourcing jobs like virtual assistants, CFOs, and accountants can help you scale to new levels at a minimal cost.

Build new revenue streams: AI can help find new profit centers and revenue streams within your business that don’t require more active hours.

Streamline communications: Discover the tools and software you need to make communicating with patients, employees, and third-party vendors seamless. Boost communication between departments and automate patient follow-up with intelligent email systems.

Take advantage of the new 2021 CPT Codes: The recent rollout of 2021 CPT codes was game-changing for private practice, especially the codes surrounding telemedicine. Learn all the ways you can (and can’t) treat patients remotely.

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